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If you live in or are visiting the Watkins Glen area, please consider purchasing our coffee at one of these locations and support a local business. Or, feel free to drop by our roast shop downtown.


Ever Green Farm CSA members: please contact us directly for your coffee orders. Please include your name, pick-up day and pick-up location.

As a small-batch roaster with limited storage space, we keep very little stock on hand, which means that for the most part we roast to order. We typically roast on Tuesdays and weekends, so please allow a few days for us to process your order. This also allows us to send you the freshest possible roasted beans so that you may enjoy our coffee at the peak of its flavor.
Coffee Selections


Our coffees are of single origin without added flavoring, so that only the pure characteristics will be extracted from the beans. We strictly use organic arabica beans, most of which are also Fair Trade certified. We will typically carry around 10 varieties, depending on the season for each region. 

We use the same beans to create our signature blends. Blend availability may vary depending on the availability of certain bean varieties. Not all blends are available online.


Orders for up to 10 pounds of coffee can be placed through our website and will be shipped using USPS. Anyone placing an order for more than 10 pounds of coffee should contact us directly for the shipping details.

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